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"They are never going to survive, unless ... we get a little crazy!" by Seal and Carol Ann (OK, mostly Seal.)


 It has been said that if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had. For the sake of the animals, we need to change! We do not need to build more shelters. They will only fill up and in the end, euthanize more animals. WE need to change.  

Every animal’s life is precious. They are not disposable. Attitudes need to change. I have dealt with many organizations, large and small, and sadly, many have the attitude that the creatures that live in the area are merely a nuisance. Kittens on the roof of a bank … they said they would call an exterminator. A couple possums living quietly in an outdoor garden department … shot, trying to get away from the store personnel. Stray kittens living behind a business … don’t feed them, they said. We don’t want to “encourage” them.

Where is the COMPASSION?

Corporations proudly show what they are doing for their communities on their websites. Well, America … these animals are part of your community. Respect them and set an example of kindness that your employees will in turn teach their children and families. 

It is the role of the DRAGON FOUNDATION to teach others how to live with and love the animals that grace our lives.  May we all fight for the lives of those that are unable to fight for themselves. 

Life is not about what you have accumulated, but instead, about what you have given. Offer your time, your talents and support to those who need it most. You can make a difference. 

Graciously, The Dragoness ~ 

Carol Ann Michelle, Executive Director
Los Angeles, California

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Teaching Kindness


Showing others how to be compassionate in life is important. It should begin at home, and carry though the rest of our lives.

Helping Homeless Animals


Animals in need come in all shapes and sizes. A meal can mean the difference between life and death.

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100% of your contribution to Dragon Foundation goes directly to feeding homeless pets and paying for the veterinary care they so desperately need.  Thank you for caring!

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